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  • Base stations, WiFi access points and sensors on a single, affordable aerostat reaching 100's square miles

  • Advanced thermal night camera on aerial platform to 15 km range

  • Aerostat and drones with gimbal stabilized equipment


  • High data rate base stations, WiFi access points and sensors to > 10 km range

  • High data rate SatCom backhaul

  • Integrated LTE core network

  • Advanced sensors

  • Telescopic mast antenna mount

All inclusive in a 50-pound package complete LTE eNodeB, EPC and a 50-foot cell mast:

  • Advanced 50-foot portable telescopic mast with base under 22 pounds

  • Complete LTE eNodeB and EPC in a backpack with  mesh connectivity between cell towers

Man-portable Cellsite

Disaster Recovery

Existng cell phone infrastructure can be congested or impaired under disater scenario.  Broadband wireless network on aerial platforms provide instant network for the affected area.   Aerial surveillance capability can monitor situation on the ground an expansive area providing first responders ability to assess and analyze the emergency situation.

Customer Scenarios

Instantly deployable anywhere in the world, Hysignal's aerial coverage assists our customers in a wide range of tactical operations.

Energy Exploration

Energy exploration can involve operations in remote and hard to reach areas where there is underserved or no telecommunication infrastructure.  Broadband wireless network infrastructure on aerial platforms provide instant network capabilities that can relocate with the exploration operation easily.

Remote Operations

Enterprises such as those in the mining industry can have field operations in remote regions, over the water or underground. Broadband wireless network infrastructure on aerial platforms provide instant network capabilities that can relocate with the exploration operation easily.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement may involve regions where there is poor network infrastructure or the need for persistent surveillance of an expansive area.   Aerial platform can effectively provide instant persistent network and surveillance capability for thousands of square miles.

Special Events

Large crowd gathering such as outdoor concerts and sporting events can pose potential public safety concerns.  Aerial platform can effectively provide instant persistent surveillance capability for thousands of square miles.   

Maritime Communication

Ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and onboard maritime communication can be easily and instantaneously achieved through aerial platform.

Range Extension

Radio networks operating in two different regions separated by physical barriers on the ground can be connected through aerial communication node.

Border Surveillance

Martime or land border can be extensive and requires surveillance.   Aerial platform with sensors provides 24/7 monitoring and sensor capabilities to help identify potential intruders.

Science Project

Sensors on aerial platform can be used to monitor nature and man-made objects on a persistent basis.  For example, sensors on a balloon can record changes of a volcano over time, or specialized payload can be used to affect localized micro-climate.

Private Wireless Network

Mission needs might require a private wireless network at one site or connecting multiple sites.   Broadband wireless network infrastructure with aerial platforms efficiently connect sites over a large geographical area.

Carrier Network Extension

Existing carrier wireless infrastructure may be saturated during peak traffic hours or have coverage holes in certain areas. Broadband wireless network infrastructure with aerial platforms can provide additional cellular bandwidth and capacity.

Mountain Resort and Parks  

Cellular service is normally not available in mountain range where it is difficult to construct cell towers.  Broadband wireless network infrastructure with aerial platforms can provide wireless service economically over expansive mountain area.

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