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  • Base stations, WiFi access points and sensors on a single, affordable aerostat reaching 100's square miles

  • Advanced thermal night camera on aerial platform to 15 km range

  • Aerostat and drones with gimbal stabilized equipment


  • High data rate base stations, WiFi access points and sensors to > 10 km range

  • High data rate SatCom backhaul

  • Integrated LTE core network

  • Advanced sensors

  • Telescopic mast antenna mount

All inclusive in a 50-pound package complete LTE eNodeB, EPC and a 50-foot cell mast:

  • Advanced 50-foot portable telescopic mast with base under 22 pounds

  • Complete LTE eNodeB and EPC in a backpack with  mesh connectivity between cell towers

Man-portable Cellsite

Broadband Wireless Infrastructure

Hysignal provides broadband wireless network infrastructure to the field virtually anywhere in the world.  Whether it is for your field teams, remote operations or special events, Hysignal provides mobile broadband wireless infrastructure that includes cell on wheels, mesh backhaul, cell on aerostat, balloons and drones with industry leading compact base stations.  The standards-based equipment can be provisioned without existing infrastructure and is ready to integrate into global core network.

At Hysignal, we start with understanding  your mission and strategic needs.   Our systems utilize state-of-the art technology tailored to your particular requirements.

Applications over network and surveillance infrastructure provide common operating picture, enable collaboration by the user community and assist real-time decision making process with parties separated by great distances.

Surveillance Infrastructure
Situation Awareness
Mission-oriented Approach

Hysignal partners with world's leading sensor suppliers to provide long range day and night thermal camera as well as other detection sensors that are gimbal stabilized for airborne, maritime and land applications .










Established in 1986, Hysignal provides wireless network and surveillance instastructure with advanced enterprise situation awareness for your field operations.   

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