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  • Base stations, WiFi access points and sensors on a single, affordable aerostat reaching 100's square miles

  • Advanced thermal night camera on aerial platform to 15 km range

  • Aerostat and drones with gimbal stabilized equipment


  • High data rate base stations, WiFi access points and sensors to > 10 km range

  • High data rate SatCom backhaul

  • Integrated LTE core network

  • Advanced sensors

  • Telescopic mast antenna mount

All inclusive in a 50-pound package complete LTE eNodeB, EPC and a 50-foot cell mast:

  • Advanced 50-foot portable telescopic mast with base under 22 pounds

  • Complete LTE eNodeB and EPC in a backpack with  mesh connectivity between cell towers

Man-portable Cellsite


Hysignal is always interested in candidates with the right skill set and enthusiam for what we do.  Please send your resume to

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